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7 Ways to Survive the Start of the School Year
8 Ways Parents Can Promote Reading at Home
10 Steps to School Year Success
10 Tips for Homework Helpers
Are You Pushing Your Child Too Hard?
Back to School Homework Tips
Back to School: Tips and Tries for Preschoolers
Bullying: An Epidemic of Cruelty
Children Follow Same Steps To Learn Vocabulary, Regardless of Language Spoken
Choosing Children’s Books
Creative Play Helps Children Grow
Creativity in Young Children
Does Your Child Have a Learning Problem?
Early Intervention Affects Families Quality of Life
Encouraging Success in School
Five Easy Steps to End Homework Battles
From Bach to Beatles - Your Music Education Questions Answered

Get Carried Away with Reading
Getting Your Children School Ready
Getting Ready for Middle School

Heading Back-To-School Can Be Emotionally Difficult
Helping Young Children Start School
Helping Your Child Learn History
Homework Help!
Homework Help
Homework Tips for Parents
How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Homework
How to Support a Child with Learning Differences
Learning a Second Language at an Early Age
Managing Children's TV Habits
National Teen Read Week
Over-Scheduled Children: A Commentary
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Practicing Reading at Home to Increase Reading Success
Protecting Your Child from TV
Raising a Reader
Setting Your Child up for Success
Show Appreciation for Teachers
Stimulate Your Child's Mind for Success
Surviving September
Ten Ways Fathers Can Help Their Kids Excel in School
The Power of Play
The Value of Play
Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free: Working with Schools
Transitioning to Middle School
Why, How, and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language?
Your Child's First Report Card

Expectant Parents:
Baby Talk
Being The Kind of Mom You’re Meant To Be
Best Pieces of Advice for New Parents
Breastfeed a Toddler - Why?
Breastfeeding Basics
Building Baby's Brain: Prime Times for Learning
Building Baby's Brain: Ten Myths

Building Baby's Brain: The Basics
Building Baby's Brain: The Role of Music
Choosing a Childcare Center
Choosing and Using a Babysitter

Choosing and Using Child Care
Choosing Babysitters and Child Care
Depression During and After Pregnancy
Early Bedtime Means Better Baby Sleep
Eating Out & Bringing In During Pregnancy
Expect the Unexpected
Feeding Baby Solids
Finding Quality Family Day Care and Day Care Centers
First-Born Jealousy
Getting Ready for Baby
Handling Unwanted Advice
Help Your Baby Breastfeed Before It's Even Born
How to Handle Pregnancy Stress
Infant IQ and Breastfeeding
In the After Glow of Birthing Circles

Making Informed Childbirth Choices
Pregnancy Guide for First Time Moms
Pregnant Fathers: The First Trimester
Pregnant Fathers: The Second Trimester
Pregnant Fathers: The Third Trimester
Pregnant? Green Guide Offers 10 Steps to Reduce Risks
Should I Let My Baby Cry it Out?
Stop the Diaper Changing Battles
Study Finds Parents Rarely Use Baby Gates, Bath Thermometers
The Baby Blues
The Basics About Folic Acid
Tips for partnering with your child's pediatrician
"Tummy Time" Key to Infant Development
Why Breastfeeding is Best for Baby
Working with a Doula: What You Need to Know

Family & Home:
10 Secrets to Help Kids Share, Take Turns, and Join the Human Race
10 Ways to Raise a Successful Leader
50-50 Custody Arrangement Not Always Best For Teens
A Foot in Two Families
A List of Things for Divorced Parents to Be Thankful For
An Extra Step: Stepgrandparents
A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
Avoiding At-Home Dad Burnout

Bedtime Rituals for Babies
Be the Change
Blending the Money in a Blended Family
Building a Great Relationship with Your Teen
Check Ingredients Before Blending
Coping with Divorce
Dating Guidelines for Single Parents
Dealing with Picky Eaters
Enjoying Your Family History
Expecting "the Goods" from Toddlers and Preschoolers
Explaining World Tragedy to Children
Fathers: Are you an Effective Role Model for Your Children?
Fight the Pressure to Over-schedule: 10 Tips to Take Back Your Family
Financial Guidelines for the Year Ahead
Finding Balance With Children During the Holidays
Five Ways to Avoid the Mommy Wars
Getting Your Children School Ready
Getting Your Kids To Cooperate
Helping Your Stepchild Feel At Home
Holiday Safety Tips
Honoring Your Child's Unique Gifts
How to Boost Your Momfidence
How to Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Being Parents
How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful
How to Say "I Love You" with Meaning
Internationally Adopted Children
Involving Fathers In Parenting
"It's Not Fair"
Keeping Grandparents Connected: It’s a Parent’s Job

Keeping Summer Vacation Fun in a Divorced Family
Listen With Your Heart
Long Good-bye: Senior Year Farewells
Make Halloween Fun, Not Fearful
Making the Most of Dinnertime
Managing Morning Madness
The Middle Years
Moving to a New Home
Mowing Down Only Child Myths
My Kids Are Always Fighting!
On Not Being a Disneyland Dad
Partnerships Beyond Pretense: A Challenge to Moms and Dads
The Power of Parent Leaders
Raising Responsible Teens
Reducing Hazardous Products in Your Home
The Resilient Family: Meeting Challenges Together
Separate but Together After the Divorce
Seven Ways to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers
Should We Have Another Baby?
Simple Secrets That Create Happy Family Memories
Skillful Unwanted Gift Responses
Some Good News About Blended Families
Spoiling Children: The Seven Myths
Stepfamily Advice: Son and Stepdad Don't Get Along - Mom is in the Middle Stepfamily Advice: Step-Grandparenting

Stop, Spray, and Play: A Guide to Skin Safety

Talking about Safety is not Enough
Tantrums, Fussing and Whining
Teaching Kids the Art of Productive Thinking
Teach Your Child the Charity Habit
Teens and Visitation
Teens: Parental Inattention to 'Rites of Passage' has a High Price Tag
Ten Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress
The Middle Years
Three Tips for Teen Transitions

Thanksgiving Dinner 'Rap'
The Laugh Track
Think Your Teen Needs Counselling?
Time Out or Time In?
Today's Family Man: The 5 Commandments
Understanding Teens: Opening The Door to a Better Relationship
What Really Keeps New Parents from Sleeping
When Consequences Don't Work
When Is It Okay to Bribe Your Kids?
When Parents Fight
When Should a Single Mom Introduce Kids to Her New Boyfriend?
When You Can't Be There: 20 Ways to Stay Connected to Children

Health & Development:
100% Juice Healthiest Choice for Children
About Half of all Kids Suffer Pain After Computer Use
Adolescence Takes Center Stage
Advice for National Physical Fitness Month
Anti-Drug Messages and Teens
A Pox in Your House?
Avoid Injuries when Riding a Scooter
Battle of the Bugs: How to Keep Your Kids Germ-Free
Beat Cabin Fever with Innovative, Indoor Ideas
Calcium and Children
Calcum: Good For Your Daughter's Bones
Children Aren't Just Small Adults
Children's Fears: The Monster in the Closet
Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys for the Holidays
Creating an Emergency Telephone Sheet
Day Care Diseases
De-Stressing the Prom
Dental Health for Young Children
Do's And Don'ts: Preparing Your Child For The First Overnight Stay With A Friend
Drowning: A Silent Killer in Children
Eight Sleep Tips for Every Child
Flu Fighters
Food Allergy Facts and Fiction
Giving 'Enough' to Your Children
Graduation Celebrations Often Leave Teens at Risk
Growing Up with Pets Can Be Special for Children
Healthy Halloween Can Happen!
Heart Healthy Tips for February
Heavy School Backpacks and Children
Helping Children Cope with Stress
Hidden Household Dangers Can Pose Threat to Babies
How to Approach Fast Food Wisely
How to Be a Safe, Calming Harbor for a Hyperactive Kid
How to Raise a Self-Confident Child
HPV Extremely Common Among Teens
It's the Season for Ear Infections
Kids and Fitness
Kids and Nutrition
Kids helping Kids:How Parents Can Encourage their Children to Do Good Deeds
Kids' Tube Time Increases Waist Lines
Make Daily Physical Activity Part of Your Child's Life
Managing Peer Pressure
May is National Physical Fitness Month
Mealtime Dilemmas? No Problem!
Meningitis Vaccination and Middle School
Mining Tragedy May Worry Children Whose Parents Have Dangerous Jobs
Monkey Bars and Seesaws Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think
Morning Breath 101

No TV: Breaking the Television Habit
One Potato, Two Potato . . .French Fries . . . Couch Potato?
Parenting in the Kitchen – Lessons in Cooking, Socializing, and Bonding
Parenting Teens in Stepfamilies
Parents should look for signs of eating disorders
Plantar Warts: What Parents of School-Age Children Need to Know
Play in the Dirt for a Clean Bill of Health
Play it Safe: Choose the Right Toy for Your Child
Poison Prevention
Potty Training - Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
Promoting a Physically Fit Lifestyle for Your Child
Promoting Your Child's Heart Health
School Suicide Screening Impractical; Improvements Needed, Study Says
Sleep Terrors and Sleep Walking
Snazzy Lunch Box Ideas: Say Goodbye to Ho-Hum Lunches with These Gourmet Treats
Sports Physicals: What You Need to Know
Summer Drug-Free Checklist for Parents of Teens
Taking Care of Your Child's Teeth
Talking with Children About Safety
Taming Tantrums
Teaching Kindness to Animals
Teaching Your "Only" Child to Share
Teens' Driving Riskier with Male Teen Passenger
The Keys to Good Self Esteem: Free Time and a Passion
Tips for Coping with a Child's Shyness
Tips for Parents of New Teen Drivers
Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free - Elementary School
Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free - Teens
Tips to Make Each Holiday Happy and Safe
Toilet Learning
Turn Off the TV

Two Words: Picky Eater
Vaccines for Teens
When Toddlers Bite Other Children
Whole Grains for Children: A Disappearing Act
Will Your Kids Be Of “Good Character”?
Winter Sneezes and Diseases
Youth Sports Nutrition Tips

Special Needs & Medical Challenges:
Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism
A School-Based Quality Initiative Improves Childhood Asthma Outcomes

Asperger's Syndrome: How Is It Different From Autism?
Auditory Processing Disorder in Children
Autism & the benefits of speech and language specialists

Autism and Medications

Autism and Specific Memory Problems
Autism: Diagnosis and Treatment
Back-to-School & Managing a Child with Diabetes
Banking Baby's Cord Blood-A Serious Option for Pregnant Parents to Consider
Bariatric Surgery on the Rise, Especially Among Youth
Bone Marrow Transplants
Caring for Your Premature Baby after Discharge
Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity: A “Big” Problem
Childhood Obesity: A Growing Crisis
Childhood Seizures: When Should You Worry?
Children, Adolescents and Obesity
Chromosomes and Disabilities
Clefts are most frequent birth defect in the United States, says CDC
Complexities of Problem Behaviors in Children with Special Needs
Coping with Childhood Depression
Creating an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Cystic Fibrosis: Advances in Treatment
Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism?
Environmental Tobacco Smoke Linked to Behavior Problems in Children and Pre-teens

Extinction and Reinforcement
Food Issues and Children with Autism
Heart Murmurs: What’s Behind the Scary Sounds
Helping Kids See the World - Safely
Helping Older Students With Special Needs Transition Into the Adult World
Helping Your AD/HD Child at School
How is Your Child's Heart Health?

Improving Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Including Children with Special Needs in Regular Classrooms: Pros & Cons
Language Instruction for Children With Autism
Life is Still a Breath of Fresh Air, Even with Asthma
Making sense of attention deficit disorder in children
Medical Appointments Can Be Made Less Challenging for Children with Autism
Medicating Children
Nutrition for Young Cancer Patients
Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Osteoporosis in Children
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Children
Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Children
Protecting Children from Heat Stroke
Recognizing and Treating ADHD

Restless Kids with Restless Minds
Sibling Issues When One Has Special Needs
Social Anxiety: Important Signs Every Parent Should Know
Sleepwalking and other Sleep 'Problems'
Study Links ADHD Cognitive and Behavioral Problems To Genetic and Environmental Interactions
Taking a Child With Autism to the Grocery Store
Teenage Depression
Treating Your Child's Food Allergies
Type 2 Diabetes No Longer Just an Adult Epidemic

Understanding Asthma
Understanding Autism
Understanding Cerebral Palsy
Understanding Speech and Language Impairments
Understanding Spina Bifida
Understanding Visual Impairments
What is Pica?
When to Worry About Bruises

Why Children Faint and When It's Serious
When Sniffles are More than a Cold
When to Seek a Mental Health Referral
When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Diabetes
When Your Child Needs Medical Attention Fast
Winter Sneezes and Diseases


  Disclaimer: The information on this website are intended solely as general educational aid and are neither medical nor healthcare advice for any individual problem, nor a substitute for medical or other professional advice and services from a qualified healthcare provider familiar with your unique circumstances. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional regarding any medical condition and before starting any new treatment. Nothing contained in this website is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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